The produced Album 10 between 1 year

It sounds better than any time bevor

This sound of music is a much better way to have Sex.

It looks like to be in Trance but it push`s you to another level and it keeps you there.

Prophety Soundworks stands for the higher way of Music Productions that should keep

you alive.

You should not feel down at any time of your time on Earth

The best way you love what you do is all the time when you will be loved but is that the only opportunity you really have in your life? Prophety Soundworks say definitely NO.

The best way you can do in your life is to keep yourself alive. How that looks like to you is in

the way you can do at the moment now.

In the past I was always looking to find the good or the really best option to my life.

But there was always somebody who pushed me downstairs.

And I definitely didn`t understand what our all life wanted to tell me with this act.

I definitely needed to think about it for many years and I got the right answers.

The point is that rather it push`s you down or it makes you stronger than ever bevor.

There are just this 2 options you got. I got. And everybody else got.

It makes me stronger than any time bevor, because I just don`t listen to something I don`t want to have in my life in any direction in front of my given way.

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